14-03-2014 13:45 hour
Mark O'Connor ( Chicago , US )
markoconnorjazz <at> gmail <dot> com

Hi Al,
I'm a tenor player in Chicago, originallly from Austin, and I'm directing a high school jazz band that's playing an arrangement of Sandu. I saw that you wrote your dissertation on Clifford Brown and was wondering if you knew how the tune got its title. Thanks in advance for your response!!

02-02-2014 14:01 hour
west ryde music lessons ( pica , africa )
musiclessonswestryde <at> yahoo <dot> com

i happen to teach at and we have your music in the background all of the time!!!! (plane)

02-02-2014 13:59 hour
music lessons west ryde ( sydney , australia )
jseppeca <at> yahoo <dot> com

Alan i have to say this is awesome stuff indeed well done, listen to you all the time i can in background while im teaching at take care all parents find your music amazing i have to say! when are you releasing your next waiting !!!

05-12-2013 12:27 hour
Gary E Green ( PA , USA )
garyeg2964 <at> aol <dot> com

Hi Al! Just want you to know how proud I am of all of your accomplishments, and my memories of growing up with you. Keep up your endeavors and I hope our pats will cross once again to talk and wonder.

14-06-2013 07:53 hour
Cheryl Krall ( Fairport, NY , USA )
Cheryl <dot> krall <at> gmail <dot> com

Hi Alan, What a gorgeous painting of you on your website home page! I visited in hope of seeing your concert schedule, but there aren't any engagements posted. I was wishing for a Rochester, NY performance later this month. This leads why I went to your guest book. Besides expressing a desire to see you play in person, I want to extend my congratulations on being selected as this year's Victor Schools Graduate of Distinction. You are most deserving of this honor. I can imagine what a demanding schedule you have and am aware of your geographic distance, yet perhaps with some careful planning you will be able to attend this event honoring you. It will be the "talk of the town" on campus, in Victor, and beyond. Musically yours, Cheryl Krall (Victor Sr High staff member & Fairport resident) 585-223-8447